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Open Houses

If you are interested in learning more about Aggie ACHIEVE and whether it would be right for you and your family, please attend a virtual open house event.Virtual open houses are a great way to visit with Aggie ACHIEVE staff and learn more about the admission requirements.

Fall 2023

The Aggie ACHIEVE Open House for Friday, Nov. 10 has been canceled. We invite you to watch our most-recent Fall Open House.

We apologize for any inconvenience this notice may cause. For your additional questions please feel free to email us at

Thanks and gig ’em!


Prospective students for Aggie ACHIEVE must meet the following criteria:

  • Completed high school and are no longer receiving support from the school.
  • Between ages 18-27 at the time of entry into the program
  • Students must serve as their own legal guardian
  • Documented disability diagnosis of intellectual disability or autism; received special education services in high school with an IEP
  • Demonstrate ability to live independently and take care of daily functioning and basic support needs (e.g., toileting, hygiene, feeding, etc.)
  • Demonstrate at least 3rd grade reading level in comprehension and fluency.
  • Demonstrate ability to function independently for a sustained period of time (e.g., able to
    sit through 90-minute courses and function independently for 1-hour blocks of time,
    including navigating campus independently)
  • Demonstrate basic mathematics understanding and ability to use a calculator.
  • Express desire and motivation to complete a postsecondary education program.
  • Express desire to attain a job in an inclusive employment setting upon completing the
  • Demonstrate active participation throughout the application and interview process.
  • Demonstrate sufficient emotional and independent stability to participate in all aspects of
    the Aggie ACHIEVE coursework and campus environment.
  • Be able to handle and adapt to change; not overly stressed when schedules or people
  • Have proof of health insurance (Medicaid, Medicare, private).
  • Be able to independently self-administer and manage medication and specialized dietary
  • Navigate campus safely (e.g., crossing streets and parking lots independently).

Application & Admissions Deadlines

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Application details

  • We follow the Texas A&M University deadlines for applications. The deadline for Fall2023 admissions was December 1, 2022 at 11:59pm (CST).
  • The application for Fall 2024 admissions will be open from October 10, 2023-December 1,2023.
Application Outline  Application Checklist


We also require at least two references.

References should be at least two people who have known the applicant for one year or longer. References by family members will not be accepted. References should represent at least two of the following areas: education, vocational/employment, community involvement, and personal. If possible, please have at least one prior teacher or educator.

Before starting the application, please review the FAQ section for additional information, including the eligibility requirements and financial fees.

Application Process

Once applications are received, an admissions committee will review all of the applications and select candidates for the interview process. The admission committee consists of several different professionals from the Texas A&M community, including staff, faculty, and graduate students. During review, all applications are viewed anonymously and all identifiable information about the applicants and their families is removed. The admissions committee will use a rubric to determine the applicants that should be invited for a formal interview. Formal interviews will be held in early spring. The first round of interviews will take place on Zoom. The next round of interviews will be formal on-campus interviews for candidates and their parent/guardian(s). Final candidates will be invited to a mandatory on-campus Summer Experience which will take place in early June.

Each applicant who completes an application will be notified of their status once decisions are made at each phase of the application process.

Cost & Fees

Designated Academic Fee
University Advancement Fee
Health Center Fee
Rec Sports Fee
Student Center Fee
Aggie ACHIEVE Support Fee

Fees listed above are semester estimates. Please refer to Student Business Services for an explanation of each of the fees above.

  • Designated Academic Fee: This $891 cost is based on enrolled semester credit hours, classification, residency, tuition rate code selection, and college.
  • University Advancement Fee: This $515 fee is a required charge to all Texas A&M University students each semester. The Advancement fee funds services such as advising, the Career Center, Writing Center, technology and libraries as well as administrative services such as ID services, the campus bus system, billing and refunds, access for students to discounted software and many of the services provided through the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Health Center Fee: This $75.00 per semester fee ($25.00 per summer five week term) is required of all students for the purpose of operating, maintaining, and equipping the University Health Center and entitles the student to its services. These services do not include surgical operations or charges for consultations with outside physicians requested by parents.
  • Rec Sports Fee: A $106 per semester fee ($53 per summer five week term) required of all students for the purpose of operating, maintaining, improving and equipping the Student Recreation Center.
  • Student Center Fee: A $100.00 per semester fee ($50.00 per summer five week term) required of all students for operating, maintaining, improving, and equipping the Student Center Complex.
  • Aggie ACHIEVE Support Fee: The $8,563 fee each semester is for the day-to-day operations of ACHIEVE. This is used to pay for staff and resources needed to make ACHIEVE run successfully.

Aggie ACHIEVE is recognized as a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) by the U.S. Department of Education. Aggie ACHIEVE is the first post-secondary program for students with intellectual disabilities in Texas to receive CTP accreditation, and joins a select group of other postsecondary institutions with CTPs in the country. This means that students in Aggie ACHIEVE may qualify for three types of federal student aid: (1) Federal Pell Grants, (2) Federal Work-Study, and (3) Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants. Students and their families can apply for federal aid by completing the FAFSA once accepted into the Aggie ACHIEVE program.

Aggie ACHIEVE also has several endowed scholarships available through the Texas A&M Foundation.

Housing & Meal Plan

Housing & Meal Plan

In addition, students will also be responsible for paying for their housing and meal plans. The rates for housing and meal plans vary each academic year. For first and second year students, housing at White Creek Apartments and a mid-range meal plan is estimated at about $10,000
per year. Please refer to Texas A&M Residence Life for more information about housing and University Dining for more information on meal plans.

Please note that during years three and four, housing and meal plan costs may go down depending on the student’s off-campus housing selections.